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This parrot is dead!

Sep 7th 2006 • Ok ... so, that's that, I believe. I haven't been updating this site for ages now and I doubt I ever will. I seem to have slept through most of the recent web hypes but now ... I finally decided to give blogging a try.

This site shall serve as a memorial for the time being -- see you over at http://chrome.lotekk.net instead!

Oh well ....

Jan 27th 2006 • Uhh .... yeah ... still here, I guess. Don't expect any updates anytime soon, though. Why don't you just sit down for a little meditation? You may want to watch the tumbleweed pass by, too.

Enjoy! ;-)


April 14th 2004 • Well, yes, I'm still here, though I hardly find enough time to do the desperately needed overhaul of these pages. In the meantime (in February to be precise) our second son has been born (does that count as an excuse?) and my spare time to spend on the website maintenance has been reduced to close to zero. :-)

Anyway, I'll try to look through the software recommendations and the links section for a start. Oh, and, yes: I fixed "The Register" news page. :-)

Have Fun!

The Golf is on fire ...

July 15th 2003 • Our beloved Golf (AKA "Rabbit") died last Saturday. For no apparent reason the car (ironically a '91 "Fire and Ice" GTI special edition) suddenly caught fire. When the fire brigade arrived roughly 20 minutes later all they could do was testify its premature death.

Or to put it with Monty Python:

"It's not pining, it's passed on. This rabbit is no more. It has ceased to be. It's expired and gone to meet its maker. This is a late rabbit. It's a stiff. Bereft of life, it rests in peace. It's run down the curtain and joined the choir invisible. This is an ex-rabbit."

See pictures from the wake here: http://www.lotekk.net/golfdead

FI-NA-LLY! The new design is here!

Apr 13th 2003 • Quite a change compared to the old layout, it took longer than I thought -- basically because I hardly had any time to spend on this page AT ALL plus the fact that I was originally planning to add some more content with the relaunch.

I've got a couple of user-sent splash screens lying around, I *PROMISE* to upload them in the next couple of days!

I hope you like the new (table-less!) design as much as I do, drop me line and tell me what you think!

You would not believe it!

Nov 9th 2002 • Well ... quite some time passed since the last update and there's not SO many news here. Probably except the fact, that I've been hacking a quick'n'dirty web-admin interface for the news section, so hopefully I'll be able to keep in touch with this place more frequently.

There's some more things: We actually CAN hyperlink here now! Don't believe it? Guess what, I had this in my mail today and thought you might like it: Here's what Fyodors NMap would look like, if it'd been done by microsoft: http://www.counterhack.net/base_clippy_image.html :-)

Updates on the mozilla section

July 27th 2002 • I did not change too much recently: Added a "change-splash-screen-for-Mac" part and two new splash screens. I tried to do some work on the search engine, but unfortunately I can't spare enough time to make this darn thing work :-)

Vote on the mozilla splash screens

June 29th 2002 • Feel free to skip this if you're not interested in "The Mozilla Project" :-)

For the rest of us: As you know there's that everlasting "new splash screen for mozilla" discussion going on in the newsgroups -- so I decided to collect some splash screens from around the web and put them up here.

Unfortunately I ran out of time today, do there are a few things left to do:

* give proper credit to the splash screen designers (at least for those that I know of)

* put up the instructions on how to change the splash screens somewhere

* explain why there are no "cute green lizard" versions

So feel free to start voting on these goodies or -- even better -- send in you own (as long as they don't contain green lizards, that is)

No more .GIFs!

May 30th 2002 • I finally took the time to get rid of all .GIFs on this site today! Why? Simple: Unisys holds a patent on "LZW", a data compression method used (amongst other things) to generate .GIF images.

Unisys is trying to charge "A one-time payment of $5,000.00 U.S. for each license agreement (limited to two servers at each licensed Web site)" for the use of .GIF files.

Call it outrageous, cheeky or just plain dumb --- but as the GIF format sucks anyway, it's just small step to convert the graphics to PNG (Portable Network Graphics).

You should not see any difference here (hit reload if you do), apart from the page loading a little bit faster as PNG compresses slightly better than GIF.

And *if* I finally manage to make the news articles hyperlinkable, you'll be able to click on this (non-) link (http://burnallgifs.org/) and learn about the whole story.

Ah, as we're at it: there one small drawback: The "latest pictures" page is a little messed up by now, as it shows the converted PNGs as latest additions now ...

Minor improvements

May 25th 2002 • No big deal really, but FINALLY I managed to polish the thumbnail engine a little bit -- as in: we STORE the thumbnails now (call it a thumbnail-cache if you like) instead of generating new pictures on the fly for every single page visit ... :-)

So, no need for my ISP to go out and buy a new webserver (hey? how 'bout an xbox-linux-cluster? *eg*) ... unfortunately this ALSO means that I will probably not get nominated for next years web-app-award, category "Most wasteful and disgusting programming technique" anymore.

Still, this should be a noticeable performance improvement on all pages containing thumbnails for all you high-bandwidth people out there -- try it at the new "pictures sorted by votes" page :-)

Not too much too say ...

Apr. 25th 2002 • As I've been pretty busy lately, there's no updates here really. I just uploaded a bunch of new pics today -- so go on and VOTE on the funnies :-)

Easter give-away: Free passwords for all!

Mar. 28th 2002 • I got an easter present for you: Go and generate as many passwords as you like! "Passwords?" you say ... Yes, passwords. NICE passwords one might want to add. And as many as you like.

I first thought I go and get my password generator patented --- to henceforth sue everyone who keeps using passwords without paying proper license fees to me. :-)

But: NO! I've decided to give them away FOR FREE (make $$$ fast! increase your ...)

Check out "Techstuff / Password Generator" on the left and have fun playing with those goodies.

(Mental Note: Make news text hyperlinkable some day, this is annoying!)

Software section checked, updated --- and translated

Feb. 23th 2002 • I've been translating the software section today and took that chance to check the links and update them. I kicked some outdated stuff and added a few new links (check out 'etherape'!) - Many thanks to Whilor for the inital hints for broken links :-)

And you might want to have a look at some new text additions in "funnies". There a some new pics as well, but you'll have to find out for yourself, as I don't have a way to link to anything here in the news (which I tend to find annoying in a way)

Ah, and BTW: The "links" section is called "bookmarks" now to make it to the point.

[mental note: implement a "what's new" or "recent additons" box right here, make news-engine generate hyperlinks]

And YES, it seem to be true: Them lycos morons really took down ftpsearch -- the joys of a commercial internet, I should go and sign up at AOL finally ... :-/

Wooohooo ... the picture voting booth!

Feb. 17th 2002 • Here we go, all the funny (?) pics are back online and I want YOU to vote on them. Just go check it out (funnies/pictures)!

You'll need to have cookies enabled for the voting booth. I didn't really bother figuring out any sophisticated anti-cheating mechanisms, so I'll have to ask you to play fair. :-)

New contributions or any other feedback always welcome.